Monday, July 21, 2014

Analyzing Diasend Trends

A week and a half ago I wrote about the excitement I felt when I discovered that I could upload data from Rose to a website called Diasend. 

I talked about how I could analyze the data to my heart's content - looking at daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or even 90-day trends in blood glucose data, insulin data etc etc etc. 

I posted a few graphs from my original upload. Like this one: 

This was a graph showing my blood glucose readings over a one-month period. My average (the red dots) at every hour of the day fell in between the high (10.0) and low (4.0) blood glucose ranges I aim to stay within which made me happy. I didn't drop much below 4.0 when I did go low which was good but I was not particularly pleased to see how high I my blood glucose numbers went some days. 

After seeing that graph, I made a few adjustments to my basal rates. I increased them starting at 5:00pm until about 4am. I didn't increase them by much. Just enough, I hoped, to get those highs a little less high without causing more lows as a result. 

On Saturday, I uploaded data from the past 9 days from Rose to Diasend. Here is what the last week looked like. 

If you compare with the first graph you'll see that the red dots are still in a pretty good range (not too high - not too low). The highs I was having late at night and in the early morning have decreased.  

I have gone lower than I would like around the 2am mark as well as around the 5:30pm mark. The afternoon one shouldn't have anything to do with my original basal changes but I'm keeping an eye on it. I may need to lower my afternoon basal rates a bit. 

So I made a few more tweaks and have increased my overnight basal just a bit. Not back to where it was before but probably half way. 

Let's see what this next week holds. 

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