Friday, July 25, 2014

The Week in Review

  • I played golf on Monday with my lady friends at our favourite 9 hole par 3 course. This time last year I was working hard to break 50 on that course. A month ago I was struggling to get under 46. On Monday I got a 39! 

  • At the end of a team meeting this week we were asked to answer the following question: name something in your personal or your work life that you are working on 'letting go'. My answer popped immediately into my head. "I am working on letting go of the instant anger and frustration I feel when someone says something entire asinine and insensitive in response to my saying 'I have diabetes'." My shoulders and neck tensed as I said this which made me admit that perhaps I wasn't as far along the 'letting go' path as I'd like to be. 

  • I did my new favourite 6x800m interval run yesterday morning. My neighbour came out just as I was heading around the block for my third 800m. "Going for a run?" she asked. "Yep" I replied. I returned 4 minutes and a few hands full of seconds later. She looked at me and said, as if disappointed, "Oh, that's all you're going to run?". "No" I replied. "I just ran 800m. I've already done it three times and I have three more times to go". Her eyes widened and she said "you're crazy!". I grinned and headed off again for number four. When I got back I asked jokingly if she wanted to join me on number 5. "I don't jog" she said wistfully. "Neither do I" I replied. I don't know if she got the running humour or not but I grinned and she grinned back so we're good. 

  • It was a little cooler than is typical for a Thursday in July so, after my intervals, breakfast and shower I pulled on my jeans, compression socks and running shoes with orthotics and headed off to work. I am almost embarrassed to tell you how good my legs felt after a few weeks of sandals. Their sigh of relief at being so spoiled was audible. 

  • I changed my pump site and put it higher on my abdomen than I usually do in search of some fresh real estate. In fact it's less on my abdomen and a bit more at the bottom of my rib cage. It felt fine going in and worked just fine but started hurting a few hours after being inserted. I've done this before and the pain was familiar. As was the stubborn response that immediately popped in my head. "Suck it up princess. It's only four days. You just changed it and you're not going to waste $20 changing it again if it's working just fine." Sigh. 

  • I made my favourite home alone dinner this week. Quinoa, steamed kale, roasted sweet potato, goat cheese, olive oil and soy sauce. It was so tasty that I was almost entirely ok with the fact that we were out of black beans. I had to buy the world's biggest sweet potato because that was all that they had at the store. I had visions of it taking 2 hours to roast. As I stood at the counter I had the brilliant idea of slicing it into 1/2 inch slices, drizzling olive oil over the slices and roasting it that way. It took 30 minutes and was delicious. That, my friends, took me at least ten years to figure out. Maybe next time I'll do beets too. I was so amazed at the potato discovery that I went completely wild and stirred a bit of sriracha sauce into the quinoa. 

  • I went for bloodwork on Tuesday in preparation for my upcoming appointment at the Diabetes Centre on August 7th. I got back to work and my cell phone rang. It was the Diabetes Centre calling to reschedule for October 7th. Fabulous. My bloodwork is going to need to be dusted off by the time I get there. 

  • I go through a swim suit every few months thanks to the wonders of chlorine. I am currently wearing a red one that I like very much. I also have a red swim cap that I got from a triathlon last summer. It has my race number on it and I like it very much as well also. I'm not usually that colour coordinated at the pool but I have been wearing red for a while now and feel very 'swimmer' when I do. On Monday, partway through my workout, my swim cap split. Right up the middle of my forehead. I sighed a sigh of sadness and pulled it off in the ten seconds we had between sprints. I used to swim all the time without a swim cap so I figured I'd finish the workout sans problème and dig out an old one for my next workout. Within seconds I realized we had a problem. My hair is all different lengths now and half of it fell out of the elastic in about five seconds and was all over my face, I discovered that water does not flow past my head as smoothly without a cap and it kept churning up my nose which may sound totally bizarre but I swear it's true. I had to lift my head higher to breathe and I was slower as a result. I cannot believe I used to hate swim caps. I also had to spend an extra ten minutes in the shower trying to comb out all the tangles from my hair. Never again she said. Never again. 

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