Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Would You Rather...?

My little sister likes to play a game called "Would You Rather?". It works particularly well on long car rides. It involves asking "Would you rather" and then giving the person two choices that they must decide between. The choices can be related - or not. They can be serious - or not. But the choices we choose often lead to animated discussion that start with "why would you ever pick that option? That makes no sense."

Here is one example from the last game: Instead of having two arms and two legs would you rather have four arms or four legs?

We debated the merits of our choice (four arms naturally because that way your 'feet' would also have opposable thumbs and you could do all sorts of cool things) versus her husband's choice (four legs naturally because legs are much stronger than arms) for a good part of the afternoon.

I'm feeling in the mood for games. Anybody want play "Would You Rather" with me?

 1. Would you rather be high every time someone offers you your favourite dessert so that you can't have it or would you rather go low after every big buffet dinner so you have to eat even though you're full?

2. Would you rather do every half marathon race in the rain, or into a headwind?

3. Would you rather get stuck in an airport for two days because they cancelled your flight at the beginning or at the end of your holiday?

4. Would you rather be forced to play a sport you hate once a week for a year? Or not be allowed to do an activity you love for a year?

5. When you tell someone you have diabetes would you rather that they insist on telling you about the latest miracle cure that you should try or telling you about their aunt who died because she too had diabetes and just didn't take care of herself?

6. When you're golfing would you rather get an eagle (two under par) when you are playing alone and there is no one to share it with, or get a double bogie (two over par) when you're playing in front of a crowd of people?

7. Would you rather fix a flat tire by yourself or call someone to pick you up?

8. Would you rather have the perfect summer day when your'e stuck in the office or have it pour rain all day when you're off?

9. Would you rather have a reduction in the cost of your diabetes supplies or would you rather receive a financial incentive for doing things to take care of yourself (exercise, healthy eating etc)?

10. Would you rather have type 1 diabetes or would you rather be cured but, in exchange, you have  to draw a different autoimmune disease out of a hat?

11. Your turn!


  1. I'd rather think about 4 arms or 4 legs rather than have diabetes.... Fun post with good ideas. #dblogcheck

  2. Wow!! Okay, low after the buffet (I hate highs), rain, end of the holiday, sport I hate, miracle cure, eagle, pick me up, pour all day, reduction in cost, keep T1. I tried not to think too hard on these and just go with my first instinct, because I was afraid I'd drive myself crazy!!