Monday, July 28, 2014

The Weekend

Today's blog is a little short on words.

My excuse is lack of time. But lack of time means that we just finished a wonderfully active weekend so I'm not particularly bothered by lack of time.

Friday I left work and we headed directly to the golf course for a lovely 18 holes. Followed by dinner. And then bed because it was late and we were exhausted.

Saturday morning started off with a nice run. The sun was up but it was cool with a refreshing breeze. Life doesn't get a heck of a lot better than that - especially in July.

The rest of the day involved an afternoon spent with my best friend from my University days. Three solid hours of laughter is good for the soul. Follow that up by dinner with two newer but no less wonderful friends and suddenly it was 9pm again.  

Sunday morning, we hopped on our bikes for a 90-minute ride with our cycling friends. I followed by the 40-minute workout that I wrote about last week (arms, legs and core muscles were all burning by the end of that). A quick lunch and shower and we were back on the golf course for another 18 holes. Followed by steak and red wine.

And somehow it's 9pm on Sunday night and I have nothing written for Monday.

I'm perfectly fine with that.

See you all tomorrow!

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