Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wednesday W'oundup

I was feeling a little bullet point-ish when I sat down to compose Wednesday's blog so here is my Wednesday W'oundup for y'all.

- I swam 10x100m on Friday morning. Eight of ten of them were done in exactly 1:47.

- I swam 10x150m on Monday morning. Despite pushing hard on some and feeling slow on others, eight of ten of them were done in exactly 2:47. Consistent much?

- When Dexter was a big part of my life (I miss his cute little smile so much!), I had a special name for him when I resurrected him after 7 days. Zombie Dex was his nickname when he woke from the dead on command. Now I have Rose who is a little more dainty - although she can be a tough cookie when she needs to be. She is currently 15 days old which means she's been resurrected twice. What do I call her? Zombie Rose? Seems a little too unladylike for the wee lassie. How about a tribute to Zombies? I could call her Buffy? Or Willow?

- 18 days ago I got my nails done for Friends for Life. At my mother's suggestion I decided to try bio gel nails and then, instead of regular nail polish that chips in two days, I went with the super duper  shellac nail polish that is supposed to last for weeks. Well, 18 days later my nails look the same as they did the first day which is amazing considering they have survived hours of chlorinated water as well as the general banging around that my nails undergo every day. The only problem is that they are growing out and there is now a few millimetres of bare nail growing in. Now I need to figure out how to safety remove said bio gel nails with shellac before I end up gouging my or someone else's eyes out accidentally. These puppies are getting loooong.

- Doug took me to the golf course on Monday night to practice. Practice my chipping and my putting. I probably hit 100+ chips and putted close to that much again. I got pretty good by the end.

- Doug took me to the golf course on Tuesday night to play nine holes and practice what I practiced. I played really well on 6 of the holes. I played horribly on three of them. My score ended up the same that it always is. Consistent much?

- I just finished the latest book in the Outlander series. For anyone who knows what I'm talking about and who has also read said book, please tell me. I'm desperate for someone to hyper-analyze the book with. So many things happened. So many things to agonize about. And who is excited for the season premiere of Season One? Anyone??

- My ear buds finally bit the dust a few weeks ago. I am on super budget mode as we save for a trip this fall so I am only spending money on thing I need (like bills, groceries and toothpaste). Earbuds don't fall in that category so I've been running to the beat of my panting breaths and pounding feet. It was weird the first day. Less weird the next. Now I really enjoy the quiet.

That's all folks. See you tomorrow!

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