Monday, June 30, 2014

June Workout Summary

I like to consider myself an optimist. Today is the last day of June. Does the optimist say that the year is half over already. Or only half over? 

Either way, it's the last day of the month so it's time to report in with how the month went in terms of activity. 

Let's start with swimming. Why? Because it's easy to report. It didn't happen. The pool was closed 3 weeks out of four and the first week was the week leading up to my sister's wedding. The only swim I did all month is actually this morning. As this post goes up, I'll be getting out of the pool for the first time in four weeks. Hopefully my arms have enough strength left to lift me out of the water! I wrote this blog before the swim in case I didn't have the arm strength to write it after...

Cycling wasn't much better. I was only able to join our Sunday morning cycling group twice in June thanks for a wedding, Father's day and a half marathon. So I cycled a grand total of 3 hours and covered 63km. 

Running on the other hand went quite well. I ran a half marathon on the first day of June. I took 8 days off running and then eased back into it. I'm now back up to 3 days per week and have started adding interval workouts to my routine. I ran 10 times in June. I covered a total of 88.8 kilometres and ran for 10 hours. 

I've started adding golf to my monthly workout reports because a 9-hole game is about 5km of walking and an 18-hole game is therefore 10-11km of walking. In June I played 4 9-hole games. I also played 4 18-hole games. I walked a total of 22 hours and covered 60km. That's a lot of walking! Zip was really happy about that. 

Out of 30 days, I ran, cycled or golfed on 19 of them. A few days had more than one thing (run in the morning, golf after lunch). Eleven days had nothing. 

Not my most active month but not awful. I got a lot of fresh air and my body is enjoying all the walking that golf has given me. 

The pool re-opened this morning so July will see a lot more swimming - once I get back from Friends For Life 2014. Speaking of which, I leave tomorrow so I had better get packed! 

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