Tuesday, June 10, 2014

One Step at a Time

By the time you read this, I will have finished my first run since my June 1st half marathon. 

By some people's standards, I gave myself a long recovery of 8 days off. By other people's standards, I'm going back much too early. 

I feel rested, much more rested than I was feeling this time last week. My legs feel good. Muscles are a little tight but no pain. My feet seem happy and they survived a golf game last night (nine holes) without so much as a whimper. 

I ran 20 and 22k during my training and yet was right back at it two days later. This time, because it was a race, I forced myself to recover a little more thoroughly. 

I'm going for a run before work. I'm setting the alarm for 5am. I'm going to try for an easy 5k. If that goes well, I'll do it again on Thursday. If that goes well, I might try an easy 10k on Saturday. 

My goal for the next two months is to run 7-9k on Tuesday mornings. To do a hill or a speed workout on Thursday mornings. And to run between 10-14k on Saturday mornings. That should keep me in pretty good running shape to train for a fall half without exhausting me to the point where I'm not ready to add distance come August. 

I'm also chomping at the bit to get back into the pool after two weeks off but the pool is now closed for two weeks so I'll have to find other things to do with my energy. The open water swim course is slowly warming up but has only recently hit 63 degrees. I'd be a little happier to hear 68 degrees before I start jumping in. Soon...

As for triathlons, I really have no idea what I'm doing yet. There is one this weekend in Welland but I don't think a) the water is warm enough and b) my body is ready to compete for 2 1/2 hours. We'll see though. I may, in a moment of madness, sign up later this week. 

There are a few triathlons in July and August within easy driving distance. I just need to sit down with a calendar and book them in. It feels strange after last summer's strict triathlon schedule that I haven't committed to even one tri yet. The Type A part of me is getting a little twitchy. The go with the flow part is pretty happy. She knows I'll end up doing at least one this season so she's not too worried about it. 

Let's see how Tuesday morning's run goes first and then I'll start thinking about the summer's triathlon possibilities. 

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