Friday, June 13, 2014

What Makes a Triathlete?

The license plate on my car has one of those license plate covers on it. It has a little stick figure swimmer, a cyclist and a runner. It says 'triathlon'.

Doug gave it to me for my birthday.

I love my license plate cover. I don't see it often because it's rare that I approach my car from the angle where I would see it but, every time I spot it, I smile.

I spotted it yesterday while pushing my grocery cart to my car.

And for the first time I wondered. What makes someone a triathlete?

Is it the fact that they have competed in triathlons?

The fact that they are able to swim? Ride a bike? And run? In succession?

I wondered because, for the first time in two years, I'm not exactly sure I can call myself a triathlete. I'm not exactly sure I am allowed to be in that group of athletes.

How long does the secret password last?

I have been running a lot and running well. But I have not been in the pool once in the past three weeks and now it's closed for two more.

Cycling, which I do every Sunday, hasn't happened once in five Sundays. Why? Because I had two weddings, one bachelorette, one half marathon and one wedding shower all either on Sundays or out of town.

So am I a triathlete if I'm not currently swimming or cycling but I really want to? Am I a triathlete because I guess, if I tried, I could do a triathlon tomorrow and get myself across the finish line? Am I a triathlete because I have done triathlons?

How long does the crown last before it starts to rust?

I don't think it's too rusty yet. I mean it's been less than 10 months since I did a triathlon and there was a Canadian winter in there so I'm not the only one who wasn't competing.

I am a runner. I am a half marathoner. I don't think anyone would argue with that.

As long as I get back in the water and back on my bike and, if I do at least one triathlon before the snow flies, I think I can keep the triathlete title.

For another year at least.

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  1. Of course you're a triathlete! I say as long as you think you're a triathlete--because you do all of the sports with the intention of doing them together--then you're a triathlete. Enjoy!