Thursday, June 5, 2014

Twitchy Feet

I haven't run since Sunday. 

It's already getting a little twitchy about it. 

I really want to get back out there and go gallop down the country roads. 

The sun has been shining, the temperatures have dropped back down to comfortable levels and every time I lift my head and look out my office window, someone is running by. 

I miss the feel of being outside and having the early-morning streets to myself. I miss the post-run glow that lasts all day. 

It's like the gods are laughing at me. Tempting me to put my shoes on and get out there. Just a short one. Nothing big. Who's gonna know??

And then I go to the mall after work to pick something up and, as I walk to the store I need, I feel my calves tighten up just a bit. I feel my feet complain just a bit. 

Not enough to stop me from running during a regular running week but enough to make me think twice only a few days after running a half marathon. I pushed my body hard and the heat and humidity pushed it harder. I need to give it time to recover before I start putting new pressures on it. 

So I will be good. I will rest my legs for a week. I won't cheat and go for a short 30 minute run. 

But next week, watch out! Tuesday morning can't come fast enough for my twitchy feet. 

And I already have my sights set on the Niagara Falls International half in the fall. 

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