Thursday, June 19, 2014

Outrun Diabetes

I mentioned yesterday that I was volunteering at an Animas event in Windsor, Ontario.

I've been looking forward to this for a while and am happy that it's finally here.

Here's the scoop:

S├ębastien Sasseville is a kickass Canadian type 1. He has done all sorts of things since his diagnosis. He has climbed Mount Everest. He has done one of those crazy 250km runs through the desert where you have to carry all your own stuff (my emergency carb stash alone would weigh a ton). He has completed more than a handful of Ironman races.

He's a tough athlete, a smart diabetic and a super nice guy. I met him last year when he spoke at an event in my area and, in five minutes, he completely transformed how I adjust my insulin during triathlons.

S├ębastien is almost exactly in the middle of his latest adventure. He is running across Canada.

7500 kilometres. The equivalent of 180 marathons. He started on Canada's east coast in February and plans to arrive on the west coast in November.

He is currently in Ontario and event have been planned all along the route. There were a few events closer to home but they fell right around my sister's wedding so I couldn't go. So I signed on for Windsor. A few hours' drive away but totally worth it to be able to hear the stories, hang out with a room full of amazing people and do my part to help out a bit. I'm happy to drive five hours considering he ran 3300km to get there.

I probably won't have time to write anything for Friday but I'll make sure to take some photos and will share a few stories on Monday.

If you're interested in finding out more about Sebastien's cross Canada run, check him out here. It's a pretty inspiring undertaking. Made even more so as I follow him online and watched him slowly but surely make his way across this vast, beautiful country.

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  1. WOW go Sebastian! 180 marathons!? That's amazing...I don't even think I can do one haha...I can't wait to here about how it goes when you join him :)