Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Do We or Don't We? Will We or Won't We?

I'm sitting at my desk listening to the storm roll in. Thunder in the distance. Dark clouds gathering. Wind picking up and temperature dropping.

It's 4:30pm. I'm supposed to be golfing in 75 minutes. With my Monday night ladies' group.

Too soon to call it since the storm could be over and done with by 5pm. Or it could last just long enough for us to cancel and then clear up. Or it could last well past our tee time.

No way to know.

I'm sitting at my desk listening to the storm roll in.

If I had a bike ride planned, I would cancel. I won't cycle in a storm and I hate cycling right after a rain. The roads are slippery and, for me at least, very scary. Plus the spray makes a huge mess of things.

If I had a swim planned, I would cancel. Lightening and water is a bad combination and, at the slightest hint of danger, I'm out of the water, away from trees and, if possible, safely indoors.

Golf is hit and miss. I'll happily golf in the rain and find it refreshing and fun. I will also gladly golf right after a storm when the grass is wet, the course is empty and the sky is a gorgeous combination of sun and clouds. I usually golf until the lightning siren goes and then head in for shelter.

If I had a run planned, I'd be right out there dancing in the storm. I love running in the rain. I don't mind running in a storm. It's one of those things that I don't get to do often and I always love.

The storm has started. The rain is pouring down. It's 4:45pm.

I need to leave a little after 5pm. Should I change? Eat something?

If I were cycling or swimming, I would have already put on comfy clothes and settled in for the evening with a glass of wine. If I were running I'd be out there already.

But I'm golfing. With friends. Who may or may not be fair-weather golfers. Who may or may not like to get their feet wet.

So I hover near my computer waiting for an email saying yay or nay.

5pm - sounds like we're going! Change, grab my stuff and hop in the car.

The weather delayed the groups before us so we enjoyed a glass on wine while we waited. By 6pm we were ready to go.

The first drops fell as we took turns hitting our first balls. The sky opened before we hit our second. We were soaked through and back in the clubhouse before we finished the first hole, laughing hysterically.

Guess we'll try again next Monday.

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