Monday, July 1, 2013

June Goal Update

Twenty thirteen is half finished already. People keep warning me that time will fly by when I get old.

I must be getting old because my goodness it's flying by.

It's time to report on my goal progress for 2013. Just a reminder that things have changed a bit since January. I've crossed one goal off my list because I accomplished it (run the Tel Aviv half). I removed a goal from my list (stay injury free) because I broke my foot (oops!). And I added a few extra goals because I took up golf. 

The updated list is as follows:

- complete three triathlons, including an Olympic distance
- pay down debt
- log 1000k of running this year
- complete two events in the Activ Swim Series this summer
- play 10 round of golf
- play the baby steps golf course until I can do it in 50 rather than 61.

June Report; 

Complete three triathlons, including an Olympic distance
I completed the Welland sprint triathlon in June. I'm booked for the Gravenhurst Olympic triathlon in July and I have two more looming on the horizon if all goes well. So I may meet and even exceed that goal by the end of the summer. 

Pay down debt
I was planning to report that I had made a bit more headway in the right direction and managed to pay down another $500 in June. But then I found out that I was deemed eligible for the Disability Tax Credit and I received my tax credit for 2011 and 2010. So, um, I didn't pay down my debt by $500. I paid it down by $3800. Woohoo! 

Log 1000k of running this year. 
I was on track for this goal in the first three months of the year. Then I broke my foot and didn't run a step in April. I started running again in May but we're talking minutes, not hours. I ran the entire month of June and built up my running by a few minutes each day. By the end of the month I managed to log exactly 60k of running which I'm pretty proud of. That brings my year to date to 336k. It's a far cry from 1000k but there are still six months left and I plan on running more every week so I might get close. 

Swim two events in the Activ Swim Series
The Activ Swim Series is new this year. There are six events and they all take place in the Welland Canal. Each event consists of a 1.9k swim and a 3.8k swim. I'm all set to swim my first open water 1.9k swim on July 5th. The second will either be July 16th or August 9th. Either way, I'm all set to go. 

Play ten rounds of golf
Well, I've played two so far. They were both fun but I'll be hard-pressed to squeeze 8 more games into the summer. We'll see how close I get. 

Play the baby steps golf course until I can get a 50 rather than a 61.
The baby steps golf course, as I call it, is a 9-hole par 3 course that I've played twice. The first time I played I counted every stroke and ended up playing a 61. Then Doug informed me that I should stop playing a hole if I takes me more than twice par to play it (6 strokes). So the second time I got a score of  54 but only because I stopped counting at 6 strokes. Six strokes times nine holes equals fifty-four. So my goal is still to score a 50. Ideally, it would be nice to actually earn the fifty rather than simply score it. Baby steps. 

Well, that's where things stand halfway through the year. 

Looks pretty good to me. 


  1. You are amazing. You are an honest lady my friend. You stretch me to be as honest about my own goals.