Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Seven Under Double Par

Monday night was golf night. After a week of triathlon racing, recovering from triathlon racing, doing another triathlon, I really wanted to get back on the golf course.

I suggested Monday night.

I came home from work and Doug announced that we were going to a different golf course.


That's like saying I have to run in different running shoes on a different running route. It's completely crazy is what it is.

So of course I happily went because I knew he would take me somewhere lovely that would be challenging but not overly so.

It was an 18-hole golf course but we were only going to play nine holes. It was a short course, as Doug described it, which means an executive course that is easy to walk. There were par 3s and par 4s (new for me).

For those of you who don't know much about golf or who forget (or don't particularly care), I am trying to sink each ball in under double par. In other words, if a hole is par 3, my goal is to sink it in six strokes or less.

Hey, I'm just starting, gimme a break!

I won't give you a stroke by stroke playback of all nine holes because that's just way too much information.

As my friend Inigo Montoya says:  'Let me es'plain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up'.

1. Par 3 Score 6
2. Par 3 Score 3 (yep, I got par on a hole for the first time in my life)
3. Par 3 Score 6 (not earned - which means I count six strokes because that's the max I can count but I didn't actually sink it in six)
4. Par 3 Score 5
5. Par 3 Score 6 (not earned)
6. Par 4 Score 7
7. Par 4 Score 8 (not earned)
8. Par 4 Score 8 (not earned)
9. Par 3 Score 4 (this one was over a water hazard. I didn't hit my ball hard enough and it didn't look like it was going to make it...but it landed on a rock, bounced up and landed perfectly on the green. Crazytown).
Total score if I got par on each hole was 30. Double Par (my goal) was 60.

I scored 53!!

Seven under double par.

I'm not exactly consistent in any way and my swing is nowhere near intimidating or inspiring but I'm learning more every time we go out and liking it more too.

Even though it's frustrating as all hell.

Wish me luck on Thursday. I have a golf date with two girlfriends. No Doug to hold my hand and tell me what golf club to play. And new people to feel intimidated and embarrassed in front of.

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  1. Sounds like you're having fun. That's the important thing, right?