Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Change is in the Air

I think swimmers notice it first.

Runners are the next group to say something, with a hint of sadness in their voice.

Cyclists take a little longer to figure it out. Or perhaps it's just denial because they are more affected by it in the end.

The days are getting shorter folks.

Slowly but surely the darkness is inching its way into the light.

On swimming mornings, I now wake up in the dark. I get dressed in the dark. I check my blood sugar in the dark and I drive to the pool in the dark. I didn't do that in June. I also wear a light coat to the pool over my tshirt. I still wear shorts of course but there is just the slightest nip in the air.

On running mornings, I wake up just as the sky is lightening. By the time I get dressed, check my sugar and head out the door, it's light, if not bright. I run in shorts and a t-shirt quite comfortably but I do pass walkers out in pants or long sleeves.

On cycling mornings, it's light when we wake up. We comfortably ride in short pants and short sleeves. I still feels like the middle of summer on cycling days.

But the runner in me is feeling a slight change in the air.

The swimmer in me knows the change is already well on its way.

I like change. I'm ok with the seasonal shift and the loss of light. I know it will come back again and I know that the swimmer in me will be the first to notice. The runner will feel it next and, when it's finally warm enough to get the bike back on the road, the cyclist in me will rejoice.

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