Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Golf Game Number Three

Monday night Doug and I had a super early dinner and headed to the golf course for my third ever round of golf.

We arrived to discover that Monday nights are Ladies' Nights so we had to wait until 5:45pm before we were allowed to play. They gave us a free bucket of balls to keep us entertained until we could get on the course.

Poor Doug. A man in a sea of women.

I hit balls, working my way through all of my clubs in the hopes that a bit of practice would make a difference.

My goal, as you might remember from my monthly goal report was to play this 9-hole, par 3 golf course over and over and not totally suck by the end of the season.

The golf rules dictate that a player should give up on a hole if they haven't sunk it in twice par. So, on a par 3, I'm supposed to 'give up' if I haven't sunk the ball in 6 strokes. So the worst score I can get is 9x6 which is 54. During the first two games, I scored a 54 but I didn't really earn it. Some holes I sank the ball in six strokes, some I had to concede after 6 strokes. None took less than 6 strokes.

On this, my third round, I scored a 50!

I still scored 6 on six of the nine holes. Four sixes I conceded, two I actually earned. No big changes there.

The biggest excitement was that I scored a 5 on two holes and a 4 on one.


That, my friends, is called a bogie and it's one stroke away from a par. Which is totally wicked and very exciting (for me anyway).

Doug was pretty proud too I think. 

Anyway, I'm a long way away from the Canadian Open but I do feel like there's hope yet.


  1. Well done! Now that you've figured out golf, what's next? Water polo? Show-jumping?