Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tri Training

As planned, last Saturday was a bit of a tri-training day. The streets were soaked from Friday's rain but luckily Saturday's showers held off until we got our workout done, a bit of gardening in and fit in a post-lunch trip to the driving range.

I woke up, sans alarm clock, at 6:30am. I immediately switched my basal rate to 60% figuring we'd be out the door before 8am but wanting to give myself at least a bit of a buffer.

My BG was 8.0 when I checked in the kitchen. I had a banana and took a 0.70 unit bolus instead of the 3.0 units I would have had if I were not about to exercise. We laid out our shoes and running hats by the door and hopped on our bikes. Doug took the lead and I rode on his back wheel, or at least as close to his back wheel as I could without drowning from all the road spray he was kicking up.

We rode at a fairly good clip (25-28km/hour) for 46 minutes. My legs were feeling good and tired by the end which was perfect since that was the whole point of this exercise but also kinda scary because I knew I had to run 40 minutes as soon as we got home.

I pushed away the memory of the challenging tri run of the weekend before and reminded myself that the weather was nice and cool and I was one week further in my rehab training.

We got home, hopped off our bikes, changed into running shoes, pulled on our hats and were ready to run. I checked my BG again. It was 8.0. It hadn't moved an inch during the bike ride. I quickly weighted the pros and cons of having a gel and decided to risk a low instead of having a high. I hate running high.

Of course I kept the gel, and a few extra carbs, in my pocket just in case.

We headed out and, as promised, Doug ran a few steps behind and let me set my pace.

Problem is that I have a really hard time setting a pace after riding. The first kilometre was done in 5:44 which is way faster than the 6:15ish pace that I was running before my injury and the 6:25ish pace I've been running lately.

I tried to slow down without slowing down too much. I was panting and felt a headache brewing - probably from lack of oxygen. Slow down, slow down, slow down.

The second kilometre was done in 5:59. Still crazy. Still panting. Beginning to wonder if I could do the whole 40 minutes or whether I should cut it down to 30.

The third felt harder, as it should after the pace I had been running and it was done in 6:03.

Halfway through the fourth, we turned around. My plan was to run 40 minutes and I was sticking to it. Our pace slowed a bit with the stop and turn move and the fourth kilometre was 6:19. That should have been a relief since that's more of my typical pace but I saw the 'high' number and got a second wind...and felt my stubborn side kick in.

Now that we were on the way home, I decided to stop trying to slow down and, instead, try to maintain the faster pace I had set. There was only one way to find out and it's not like I had to worry about tiring Doug out.

Kilometres 5 and 6 were 6:06 and 6:05 respectively.

A 6.38 kilometers, my watch read 40 minutes. I was supposed to stop running and walk the last few hundred metres home. That was the original plan anyway.

Instead I decided to see what 7k would look like at the pace I had been running.

The last kilometre took 5:59 and the total for the run was 42:14.

Last week's 7.5k run took 55 minutes which means that 7k probably took about 51 minutes.

I ran 7k in 42 minutes on Saturday. After I cycled hard for 46 minutes.

My BG at the end? Have running that crazy pace and worrying through most of it about having a low?


That, my friends, is pretty much a perfect workout.

And I feel much much better about the Olympic tri that is now less than two weeks away.


  1. Sweet!! Nice pace on the bike and the run, looks like all the rehab and patience has paid off. How is your foot feeling today? Funny how we run faster when getting off the bike, I find I do the same thing. It often feels like running through mud but is always fast :)