Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Gravenhurst Sprint Triathlon

I apologize for not posting on Tuesday this week but we spent Monday in Gravenhurst: eating, boating around Lake Muskoka with friends, hanging out at the cottage and eating some more. It was lovely.

We're home now and it's time to write about the second race of our race weekend. The one I spectated. The one Doug competed in.

This was Doug's first ever triathlon and he chose the start with the sprint distance which was 750m swim, 20k bike and 5k run. The bike and the run followed the exact same course mine did - he just turned around earlier. And the swim started with a jump off the Wenonah steamship - just like mine. So Doug was able to watch my race and get a pretty good feel for what to expect for his.

Sunday started off bright and sunny and hotter than Saturday (which was pretty damn hot for the record).

We headed down to the start and Doug set up his transition area. Duathlons are his multisport of choice and setting up for three sports took some rethinking of the transition area.

After everything was put in its place, it was time to yank on the wetsuit. It was approaching 30 degrees already so imagine how it felt to don a rubber suit. 

We headed down to the boats and I waved goodbye to Doug. 

I tried not to think too much about him jumping off a ship in the middle of the lake and swimming 750m to shore among flailing arms and legs. 

We couldn't stand on the dock to watch the swimmers so I had no idea where he was. My only gauge was the colour of the swim caps coming in. Doug was the last wave and was wearing a yellow cap. When I spotted the first yellow cap come in I knew the speedier swimmers in his wave were arriving. I waited another minute or so and what to my wondering eyes should appear...

...but my favourite swimmer looking pretty damn proud of himself. 

After that, he was in his element. The bike went very well, up and down the hilly route. 

Heading back into transition. I snapped the photo and then ran to photograph him getting ready to run but he was off and running before I got there. 

I got him heading for the finish. 

Multisport does a great job of providing quick and effective ways to cool down in the heat. Cold water and misting fans were Doug's method of choice. 

See the lady in white beside him dumping spongeloads of ice water on her head? That's what I did at the end of my race. Worked like a charm. 

Cooled down a few degrees, fed, rehydrated and feeling much more refreshed. 
Now Doug can add triathlete to his list of accomplishments. 

Triathlete with a first place medal in his age category on his first try (tri). 

Heading into the chute, Doug spotted a man in his age group ahead of him. Doug sprinted and passed him at the last second - literally - and found himself in first place. 

And I couldn't be prouder. 


  1. Wow! Way to go, Doug!

    And this doesn't mean you have to win all the others you enter. :-)