Monday, March 26, 2012

A Visit From Boston

Last Friday, Doug and I went to the curling club as per usual.  The second last game of the season.

That's where our typical weekend stopped and the real fun began.

As we were pulling on our so-not-sexy curling shoes, Scully waltzed in. She drove all the way from Toronto to watch our game...and to meet up with Jeff. He showed up a few minutes later and Scully and I beamed - he's here!! All the way from Boston just to hang out with us and run all the way Around the Bay.

I don't think the Curling club has ever had three T1s in attendance at the same time. With matching Medtronic pumps and plenty of fast acting carbs to boot.

We piled onto the ice and Erin arrived to teach them the fundamentals of curling and provide colour commentary while we played.

After the game, Doug took Jeff out on the ice for his first curling lesson. There were lots of laughs, lots of photos, and the conclusion was that perhaps he should stick to least for now.

Saturday, it was pouring rain. So after a trip to the Around the Bay race expo and Hamilton Market, we headed out for a road trip with me as tour guide. And I could think of nowhere better to bring three T1s than Nigh's chocolate shop. It's a tiny little shop in the middle of nowhere (to steal Jann Arden's line) but has the most amazing array of chocolates anywhere around. We completely ignored the sugar free chocolate section and proceeded to purchase ridiculous amounts of full fat, full sugar, full flavour chocolate.

I had hardly started the car when we heard the unmistakable sound of Scully ripping into her first bar. Followed by the sounds of blood sugar testing and insulin pump beeping. Yep, there were lots of beeps going on in that car.

Off to Niagara-on-the-Lake for some cheese tasting and history lessons before we then back home again.

Sunday morning dawned cool but clear and we all found ourselves in Copps Coliseum. Race time folks!  The 118th Around the Bay Road Race was about to begin.

Doug, Scully and Jeff headed for the start line, Erin and I headed out on the course, and the game of chasing runners began. We spotted everyone at least once, collected cast-off clothing as the temperatures began to soar and made it back to Copps on time to see everyone cross the finish line in victory.

Thanks Jeff, for braving the wilds of Canada to hang out with two Canadian girls for the weekend. We had a great time!


  1. I'm not sure I could put the weekend into so few great words. This has been the best weekend in a long long time. I can't wait to write about it and do it again one day!
    Thanks for everything, the chocolate shop, the tour in the rain, the great friendships.

  2. Sound like a great weekend was had by all :-)

  3. Melicent Lavers-SaillyMarch 27, 2012 at 10:16 AM


    I'm in Communications at Medtronic of Canada and saw your post. I thought you might be interested in the Global Heroes program that sends runners with medical devices to the Medtronic Twin Cities marathon. Here are the details:

  4. Merci mille fois pour un weekend sans pareil, mon amie!