Friday, March 2, 2012

Boiler Issues

On Monday morning, at 6:00am, I slipped into the pool. I was still half asleep but knew that, within a few minutes, my heart would be pumping and I would be fully immersed in another great early morning swim.

As I slipped into the water, I noted with some discomfort that the water was unusually warm. The water is never cold, or even cool, at my pool but it’s not usually nauseatingly warm either. This morning, it was. 

Oh well, I was already there so there was no point in going home. Perhaps I could use the uncomfortable temperature as a way to push myself a bit. Get’er done as quickly as possible so I could enjoy a cool, refreshing shower.

Every morning, at about 6:15am, two gentlemen arrive at the pool. Watching their movements I have determined that they are in charge of maintenance. They arrived, as per usual, spoke to the lifeguards for a few minutes and then disappeared. They came back at 6:30am, spoke to the head lifeguard and then the whistle blew. 

Everyone out of the pool! Now!!

Good lord.

We all clambered out and they announced that we had to leave the building. We could shower but we had to get out as soon as possible.

Since no one else spoke up, I asked the obvious question: “why?”

“There’s something wrong with the boiler but we’re not sure what”.

Well, it sure beat my fears of pH levels being out of whack or chlorine levels being toxic (I figured we were not dealing with poo in the pool since there are no wee kids swimming at that hour of the morning). So eight ladies piled into the showers, changed and headed back out into the dark morning. I got fifty lengths in and made it home before Doug had even ventured down to the kitchen. 

That evening, there was an article in the paper about the pool. Apparently the boiler is shot. They are waiting to find out what the cost will be to fix it before they decide what to do. 

Here is the dilemma:

The City announced a long time ago that our pool would be closing once the new Aquatic Centre opens. The Aquatic Centre was scheduled to open last fall but has been delayed until at least May 31st of this year. Since our pool was slated to close, the City has not been putting any money into maintenance. So our pool is quickly deteriorating and the new pool is being built much too slowly.

As of Monday morning at 6:30am we have no municipal pools in our city. 


If the City puts money into fixing up the pool that is slated to close, people will be angry at a perceived waste of money. If they just decide to close it early, people will be angry because, for the next two months at least, there is no municipal pool available for use. People have paid for memberships, swimming lessons, March Break camps etc. Events have been scheduled and swim teams practice there most mornings.

It’s a huge problem that, days later, seems no closer to a solution.

In the meantime, I am driving across town to the YMCA and paying $10 per visit just to get my swims in.


  1. $10 to swim? OUCH that's a rip off.

    what will the new pool cost be? furthermore, won't it be jam packed? I mean, it doesn't sound like there are hardly other pools.

  2. The new Leisure Guide was released last night and has a whole lotta things happening in the Aquatic Centre beginning in June so they better hustle their butts to get it done! I ran past there a week ago and things still look pretty unfinished to me. I hope they make a decision soon so you can get back to your regular routine and a reasonable price. $10 a visit is just robbery!

  3. Sorry for your loss. :^(

    And I agree: $10/visit is way too expensive. My town charges $2 or $3 depending on whether you're a resident. Crazy.