Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mixed Blessing

On Saturday night, I went to bed around 9:30pm.  Before you start making fun of me, this is not a post about how uncool I am.

I fell asleep by about 10pm and woke up at 7am with my alarm.  I didn't toss and turn and I didn't wake up once.

That rarely happens.  I usually wake up two or three times a night, every night.  I stumble to the washroom at least once and I check my sugar once I've stumbled back to bed.

On those rare occasions when I sleep straight through the night I wake up with two thoughts in my head:
  1. yay, I caught up on a bit of sleep, and 
  2. oh shit - my blood sugar must be through the roof.
I only ever sleep straight through when my sugar is high.  I checked and, yup, it was 15.0.

Nights like that are such a mixed blessing.  I really do feel rested in the morning and, surprisingly, I don't feel crappy from having been high for hours and from being really dehydrated.  In fact, I feel so much more rested that I kinda, secretly, wish I could have more of those nights.  And yet, as we all know, hanging out with numbers that high for hours on end is NOT a good thing and not something we should make a habit of.

It's a tricky little window.  Normal blood sugar means I sleep lightly and wake up easily during the night.  Higher (12-15) means a wonderfully sound sleep.  Really high (16+) means an unsettled night of crazy nightmares that last until I can wrench myself from sleep and pump myself full of insulin.  

I'm grateful those nightmares don't happy too often but ohhhhh, it's soooo nice to sleep through the night.

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