Friday, March 16, 2012

Lego Crushes

You might remember me mentioning the Cabot Trail Relay Race that I somehow got convinced to co-captain.  Well, time is marching on and we need to get organized so Klari and Steve came over the other night to join Doug and I for a strategy session.

Despite having co-captained a team of runners for two other relays, I really didn't realize until after we signed up that 275+km of rocky, treacherous terrain + 17 runners + 3 vehicles + 28 hours of running = a heck of a lot of strategizing.

Klari (I love this woman) showed up in a purple leather jacket with a rolled up piece of paper and a shoe box.

I was, to say the least, intrigued.

We cleared off our coffee table and poured some wine.

She unrolled her paper and unpacked her shoe box.

And voila!

A Cabot Trail route map, 17 Lego runners, two Lego drivers (complete with pirate hats) and three Lego vehicles.  

I wasn't sure if we were planning our race strategy or playing Risk...but it was fun! 

Using the Lego cars to act out how we would shuttle people back and forth we got a much better visual sense of what this relay is going to look like. It's going to look downright crazy but I think we figured out a plan that will work. And that might get me, the pirate-wearing driver of Van 2 and 2B about 5 hours of downtime between gigs. 

Uh oh, looks like the poor sucker running leg 15 just keeled over...

And it looks like the co-captain has a wee crush on Mr. G-17. 


  1. One word. WICKED. That is absolute genius.

  2. I am pretty in love with this post. Just had to say that.