Monday, March 5, 2012

All Gone

The title of this blog is much more effective if you imagine a little kid at the dinner table, with an empty plate in front of them, saying "all gone!" in a sing song voice.

Remember I was complaining that I had been running 30 minute runs for four weeks and was still experiencing a bit of shin pain? And then, finally, Geoff agreed that I could add five minutes - probably to save my sanity more than anything else.

So two weeks ago, I ran three 35-minute runs and I didn't feel any shin pain at all. Not even when I pressed hard on my shins looking for sore spots. I ran 30 minutes for weeks and the pain remained. I added five minutes and the pain vanished completely. Bizarre.

Last week, I graduated to 40-minute runs. I ran a few of those and, again, no pain.

I don't know if you realize how crazy that is. I haven't had zero pain in my shins since, well, probably since I started running years ago. There's always at least a twinge or two.

I saw Geoff on Thursday and told him my news. His jaw dropped a few inches. He was expecting me to, at best, have the same amount of pain or, horror, have gotten a bit worse. He did not expect me to bang my shins and say "I got nothin'!"

So now I get to add five minutes every second run as long as things stay as they are. By this weekend I'll be running 55 minutes and, by next week, I may cross the magical 60-minute threshold.


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