Thursday, March 29, 2012

Little Red Box

I've been talking to Scully about glucagon. We were complaining about how, in Canada, when we get a glucagon prescription filled it comes in a cardboard box.

When one puts a cardboard box in their purse - things disintegrate pretty quickly.

She mentioned that, in the US, glucagon prescriptions come in lovely red boxes, complete with easy four step instructions. Then she told me that Colleen was nice enough to send her an old red box that she no longer used.

So I'm tossing this out there to the world to see what happens.

Do any of you lovely DOC members have an old red box or two that you'd be willing to send to a Canadian lass?

She'll pay for postage.

She'll write a blog post about how amazing you are.

She'll mail you a bottle of real maple syrup if you want...

...or a can of Tim Hortons coffee.

Igloo-making instructions...?

Name your price - we'll negotiate.


  1. Let me see what I can do. :^)

  2. I called the company and asked for one. They sent it to my pharmacy. Easy-peasy
    Darlene from MB

  3. I know my glucagon prescription is expired, and I've been procrastinating on getting a refill. I could send you the box from this old kit when I get my refill unless Jeff has it handled.

  4. I keep mine in a plastic eyeglass container (the kind you pull apart from the middle, not the kind that flips up) and it works great!