Thursday, March 15, 2012

Super Sprint

So I'm just going to come right out and say it.

I went on line, did some research, texted Erin and then decided to sign up for the Triathlon in Welland this June.

I can see you grinning from here Jeff!

The first thing I had to do was figure out my options.  Turns out if you want to swim, bike and run you can do one of the following:

Super sprint Triathlon (or Try-a-tri)
Sprint Triathlon
Half Ironman

I quickly eliminated two of the options and won't even waste your time by asking you to guess which two.

That left me with the super sprint and the sprint.

The super sprint distances are:
400m swim
10k bike
2.5k run

The sprint distances are:
750m swim
30k bike
7.5k run

I've done the duathlon a few times so I've run and then cycled 30k and then run again.  So I figured I'd do the sprint (aka, the regular triathlon).

I texted Erin to confirm (she knows these things) and she suggested I start with a super sprint. "Don't let the name fool you" she said. "It's still hard. It's a good distance for your first try (tri?)."

Having exactly zero experience with these things, I will rely on the wisdom of those who have gone before.  Super Sprint it is then.

I have three months to get back on the bike and remind my legs how to pedal and I have three months to get into open water and flail about until I'm quasi-comfortable.  The distances on their own are all quite manageable. Put them together and I'll get a pretty good workout.

If all goes well, I'll cross the finish line in good shape and be ready for my first full triathlon!

The other fun part of this story has to do with my lovely little sis.  She's coming home for a month this summer and just happens to be around that weekend. She knows how to swim, she knows how to cycle and she can probably pull off 2.5k.

So I asked if she wanted to join me at the start line.

I could hear the excitement from here.  She's never done anything like it before and loved the idea. I've never raced with anyone in my family before so I'm excited to share that part of my life with someone.

It's in our home town so my parents, our youngest sis, our grandmother and heck, even the dog, can come out and cheer.

How fun will that be??

And, for the record, if my little sis kicks my ass on the course, I'll kick hers right back to Israel again.


  1. I'm really stoked to read, that after what seems like an eternity, you're back in the racing scene! I can't wait to come spectate and photograph YOU for a change.

  2. I heard that...
    I plan on wearing a daisy patterned swimming cap...

  3. Haha! I knew it was just a matter of time.

    If your first tri is anything like mine, you should prepare yourself for an experience not unlike pregnancy. First third, you'll be thinking "OMFG! What have I gotten myself into?! Can't I just quit yet?" Second trimester--I mean event--you'll be thinking, "Alright, well I think I can probably handle this whole thing." And then finally, "OH! The pain! Almost there.... Push!!"

    Plus, you'll probably be trying to anticipate all of the little tricks that you can only learn through experience, worrying about making lots of mistakes, and acquiring "stuff."

    In the end it's totally worth it.