Thursday, May 28, 2015

Stand Up!

I sit a lot at my job.

Like a lot a lot.

Like, on days when I don't have to leave the building for a meeting, I can sit for 8 hours straight. The only reason I don't is that I drink a lot of water which means a lot of trips to refill the bottle and empty the tank. But, even then, I do a lot of sitting.

Which, as I've been reading a lot lately, is the new smoking. Or whatever. I don't think it's actually as bad a smoking but it's certainly bad for you.

I work at a computer so it's not exactly like I can strap my laptop around my neck and type standing up.

And it's not as though I can stand up, bend over my laptop and type and a half-crouch sort of position.

And it's not as if there are stand-up desks out there that I can purchase.

Omigod wait. What?!? There are stand up desks? Built just for laptops? That fit on top of a regular desk? And that can then can be adjusted to be used either sitting or standing.?

Guess who is getting one? It's being delivered next week, complete with a comfy foot mat thing to keep my feet happy while I'm upright. 

It is wrong that I am this excited at the thought of standing up? 

Because I really really am.


  1. I invested in a cheap-o breakfast tray on which to perch my laptop and have been mostly standing for the past couple of months. Took some getting used to — and the non-cheap comfort mat has been essential — but I like it! Good luck!

  2. The are also such things as treadmill desks. For real.