Tuesday, May 12, 2015

D-Blog Week Day 2 - Keep it to Yourself

For this second day of D-Blog week we were challenged to talk about some of the aspects of diabetes that we keep private. Those things that we don't blog about and those things we don't tell our family or our friends about.

This topic was a tough one for me because, to be honest, I had trouble thinking of something to write about.

My immediate thought was that I don't really keep diabetes-related things private. There are plenty of parts of my life that I never blog about but I don't tend to pull any punches when it comes to diabetes. The good the bad and the ugly bits of diabetes all take turns starring in my blog.

Then I told myself to think harder. That there must be something I don't share, some aspect about diabetes that, consciously or not, I don't share. I told myself that I just need to be really honest with myself and I'll find something.

I'm honest about my blood sugars. I write about the tough days, the emotional days, the easy days. I write about the scary moments and I write about the inspiring ones. I talk about the times when I'm angry at the diabetes gods and the times when we are getting along and can go out for drinks together.

Then it hit me.

I don't whine about diabetes.

I resolutely refuse to complain about anything to do with diabetes.

I think it's important to share the challenges but I try very hard to do it in either an entertaining or an informative way. I want others to learn from my adventures and I want people to find comfort in knowing that someone else out there gets it.

But I have no patience for people who complain for the sake of complaining. Complaining rarely makes anyone feel better and usually ends up dragging other people down. Complaining feels destructive rather than constructive.

So, no matter how I am feeling on any given day, about any diabetes-related situation, I won't complain about it, on my blog or to the people I care about.

Even on the toughest diabetes day, when the roller-coaster seems to be running non-stop, there is always something I can do to make it better. So while I might drop the odd f-bomb, I refuse to wallow and I refuse to stop trying.


  1. What a great attitude! Thank you so much for sharing. My son seems to feel the same way so its wonderful to see that it is a healthy way to deal with the roller-coaster ride.

  2. That's a great attitude. I've always been the "glass half empty" gal. Not generally about diabetes but about everything. :-) I'm going to take your cure and try to become a more positive person. It will be good for me!

  3. This post shows how positive and determined you are - which is exactly why I hope to meet you someday!!

  4. I had never thought about that. It's definitely something I will strive to do for myself as well. Why whine when there's not a hell of a lot you can do about it!

  5. I love your positive attitude, it's so motivating! :) (but if you need to whine, do so!)