Monday, May 25, 2015

Back in the Saddle Again

Last week I took an unplanned blogging holiday.

I was still working my regular job. I was still doing my regular stuff. But, for some reason, I wasn't into blogging. So I didn't blog.

Perhaps it's because the week before had been D-Blog week and, as much as I love it, I'm usually pretty tired of writing by the end of it.

Perhaps it's because Doug and I are busily repainting all of the rooms in our house so evenings and weekends revolve around when we can squeeze in another wall, another handful of doors or some baseboards.

Whatever the reason, it was nice to have a break and just as nice to be back.

Since we last spent time together, I've managed to play in a Mixed Doubles golf tournament (my first golf tournament ever) as well as a Mixed Match Play game. Doug and I did not win the golf tournament (no shocker there) but we did end up with a respectable final score. We also managed to win our first Mixed Match Play game so we are off to play a second round...yet to be booked.

I took a deep breath and signed up to play Thursday golf with some of the more experienced ladies at my golf club. I played my first game with them, followed by wine and dinner, and loved it. I'm all signed up for this coming week and look forward to some very supportive yet challenging golf.

I also ran my last two long runs before my half marathon. A 20k run that turned into a 13.5k disaster thanks to a blood pressure/ear plugging nightmare and a 16k that was the perfect redemption run. I sailed through that one without a hitch.

I got back in the pool again and managed two 2k swims last week. My tendonitis flared a little bit afterwards but not enough to hinder my Sunday golf so I'm hopeful that my poor elbow has turned a corner and is on the path to a full recovery.

I was knocked down for a day with the stomach flu but the diabetes gods didn't seem to notice or perhaps they felt too bad for me to cause any mischief. Twenty-four hours after the first stomach twinge I was back to feeling great with hardly a high or low blood sugar to show for the ordeal. It felt almost too easy.

Other than that, I signed up on a whim for a local Spanish conversation group and will be attending my first meeting next week. I had been looking for a local French group to practice with but couldn't find one. Spanish works just as well since I'm just as rusty in that language as I am in my French.

Well that's my big news.

See y'all tomorrow

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