Friday, May 1, 2015

En Route To Thunder Bay

It's May!

All those April showers, both the rain and the snow variety, are now supposed to translate into Mayflowers.

Or is that May flowers? 

It's all very unclear. 

Before we say goodbye to April, it's time to see how the month went in terms of physical activity and how much closer I am to my January goal of running, walking, swimming and cycling my way to Regina, Saskatchewan. 


I ran exactly 100km in April. Not on purpose, it just worked out that way. I ran 10 times, some runs as short as 4k and some as long as 20. In total I ran for 11.5 hours. 

Swimming and Rowing

I swam only once in April for a total of 2000m (2k). It took me 40 minutes. It hurt so I stopped going. Until my elbow is better, I'm out of the pool again. No rowing machine at all because that was hurting even more than swimming was. 


The fact that I have not been swimming (sigh) for a few weeks to let my elbow heal means that I've had plenty of opportunity for cycling workouts. In fact I managed to fit 9 of them into the month of April. One of them was even outside on real roads! 

I covered a total of 137km in 7 hours and 45 minutes. Doesn't seem like a lot considering I cycled 9 times but several of those workouts were Bending Crank Arms where I spent more time doing off the bike squats than I did increasing my mileage. 


I don't count every step I take every day but I do track how far I walk when I'm golfing. Golf season in back in full swing so I've managed 5 games (all 9 holes so far) and walked 19k in just over 9 hours. 

Total number of workouts = 25

Total time spent working out = 29 hours 

Total distance covered = 258km

By the end of March I had covered 547km and had made it to Sudbury Ontario and a bit beyond.

Add 258km to that and I am now 805km into my 2396km 'journey'.

Which brings the middle of Northern Ontario.

Sault Ste Marie is 781km away so I've made it there and beyond. Thunder Bay is the next stop but it's over 1400km from my front door so that will be another few months I'm guessing.

So let's just say that I'm en route to Thunder Bay.

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