Thursday, December 12, 2013

Tough Little Dude

It's Thursday. 

That means yesterday was Wednesday. 

That means that yesterday, at 4:30pm, it has been exactly two weeks since I revved up Dexter for the first time.

Exactly one week since I brought him back from the dead as zombie Dex. 

Which means that yesterday at 4:30pm, zombie Dex was seven days old. 

At seven days old, ready or not, he dies. 

So my undead little buddy was dead again. 

I didn't miss a beat this time. He died. I immediately restarted him and, two hours later, he came back to life. 

Still accurate. Still hanging on (albeit a little less securely). Still willing to work to keep me alive. 

In just over two weeks Dex was 'woken up', he died, he was turned into a zombie, he died again and then came back to life a second time. 

Is there a term for that? Or is it once a zombie, always a zombie? 

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