Thursday, December 19, 2013

Bending the Crank

Wednesday morning I got up just after 5am. Despite not going to bed until 10pm the night before after having agreed to spare at the curling club.

I got up early and headed back down to the basement for my second go on the trainer.


Because I wrote in my blog the day before that I would and I hated the thought of not doing it. Even though no one would know the difference.

You wonderful folks out there who tune in day in and day out are the best motivation. You keep me honest and you are the kick in the butt I need on cold, dark mornings.

So not only did I get up early because of YOU. I also did the crazy Bending Crank Arms workout because I told YOU I was going to do it.  Now that it's over and hours and hours in the past, I can thank YOU for making me do it. At the time though - I was not so grateful...

For the record - it's still hard.

Thankfully not as hard as it was last spring when I first did it. There was not one moment when I thought I would throw up. Bonus points right there.

There was never a second when I doubted my ability to finish it. Double bonus.

There were, however, a few moments when I remembered why Coach Troy and I are not and never will be bffs. He's a tough dude and he motivates me but I'd have to kill him if I didn't have the option to turn him off. I can only take so much of his upbeat, militant, rip my muscles apart while flashing a brilliant smile kinda stuff. Especially at 5:30am.

Some tough workouts I don't feel until the next morning when I get out of bed. Some I feel the same night as I crawl into bed.

This one I felt before lunch. My quads were stiffening up at an alarming rate. They were tight by lunch and sore to touch soon afterwards.

Thankfully, I tacked the crank arms on the day when I already had a post-work massage scheduled. My massage therapist commented on how tight everything felt but I slid out of there an hour later feeling much better.

Friday I'll do an easier bike workout but next week, I'll be back at it again, trying to bend those crank arms.

It's surprising really how good it feels when you finish something that seems so darn hard when you're in the middle of it.

Thank YOU for kicking me out of bed yesterday and getting me on the bike. Much appreciated!

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