Wednesday, December 11, 2013


You know how some people are addicted to their iPhones? Or their Blackberries. 

Crackberries as I've heard them referred to. 

They check compulsively every few minutes, or seconds, just to see if they missed anything. 

I am becoming addicted to my Dexcom. 

Don't worry though. I don't overuse him all the time. 

Just when I'm high. 

(Is it just me or does saying I overuse my Dexcom when I'm high sounds suspiciously like the mayor of Toronto saying "I only use crack cocaine when I'm in a drunken stupor"?)

Well, I guess the first step to getting help is admitting the problem right? 

So here's my problem. When my blood sugar is behaving, I can happily leave Dex on my desk for hours without peeking. He's like my quiet sidekick that I trust to alert me of danger as needed. 

When I'm high and showing no signs of dropping, I'll bolus and then check Dex every five minutes. For an hour. If I'm still climbing or haven't dropped enough for my liking, I'll test my BG on my glucometer to confirm, bolus again and then check every five minutes. 

Once I finally start dropping, I check every five minutes to make sure I don't drop too low. Once I plateau, and stay steady for a while he goes back on my desk and is ignored again...until the next spike. 

Am I a pro-active person with diabetes taking good care of my health by correcting highs and avoiding lows? 

Or am I a Dexaddict?  

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