Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Finding my Mojo

I've fallen off the bandwagon. Partly on purpose. Partly out of necessity. Partly because it feels like what I need right now.

My regular routine of working out six or seven days out of the week has, for the last two weeks, dropped down to 4 days a week.


A combination of crazy schedules, simply not enough time, late nights and a nagging fatigue that feels heavier than it should has resulted in my skipping more workouts than I have in...I don't remember how long.

I've swum twice in two weeks instead of six times.

I haven't cycled once.

I've gotten four runs in instead of six and I completely skipped my scheduled 16k long run that was in my training plan for the upcoming Boxing Day ten mile race I signed up for.

Despite sleeping in until 6:30am most mornings, and a much reduced workout schedule, I feel like I'm still in major sleep debt.

So I've decided not to worry about picking up my socks and getting back on the bandwagon. Instead, I'm going to focus on sleeping as much as I can, eating as well as I can and getting in a few quality workouts rather than a bunch of half-hearted ones.

I have nine working days left until I get two weeks off. Two weeks to recover. Catch up on my rest. Nap when I want to. Workout at noon if that's what makes sense.

Twenty-fourteen is already filling up with races, travel plans and lofty goals. I don't want to start off the year feeling like I'm behind the 8 ball.

Nine working days left and then I can work on getting my mojo back.

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  1. Great post Celine! I think sometimes we just need to take a break and not feel bad about it. I used to feel bad when missing my workouts - until a good friend pointed out to me that I do the activities I do because I love them. Not because it is my career and I am getting paid to do it. Put things in perspective. Take the rest you need and you will come back raring to go!