Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Dex By Any Other Name...

I am a big fan of Dexter.

I am attached to a device called Dexcom.  

This device is also known as 'Dex' for short. The same nickname as the guy drinking coffee in the first picture.

Oh, and when my blood sugar drops, I eat fast-acting carbs in the form of Dex 4s.  

Also known as 'Dex' for short. Kinda like the device attached to me or like the guy drinking coffee in the first picture. 

I know it's only been a week but, so far, I haven't confused a serial killer with my continuous glucose monitor. Not even once. 

Nor have I mistaken a blood spatter analyst's photos for my three-hour BG trends.  

Nor have I tried to eat my Dexcom in the middle of a really bad low. 

Nor have I stared at the my bottle of Dex 4s wondering if they're trying to kill me. 

But I can see how, in one of those foggy 3am low blood sugar hazes, I might get a little turned around and think that perhaps I'm being attached by my Dexcom receiver. And if that were to happen, I might try to kill the attacking Dexcom by whipping my bottle of Dex 4s at its head. 

I can also see myself trying to explain what happened to Doug and insisting that he thank me for saving his life from a serial killing blood spatter analyst who lives on my bedside table. 

Anyone else having problems like this? 


  1. HA! Try explaining THAT claim to your insurance provider.

  2. I think you need to get a pet and call it Dex - just to even the number out to 4 :)