Friday, December 6, 2013

It's Been a Zombie Green Curry Rage Bolusing Kinda Week

What I learned this week.

- being woken up multiple times in the night by Mr. Dex can get really annoying, especially when I'm not really having problematic blood sugars.

- on the other hand, sleeping through the night without a peep for Dexter and seeing a lovely steady blood sugar graph in the morning makes the restful sleep even more sweet.

- green curry and sticky rice is apparently very bad for my blood sugars.

I'll let you guess when the thai food kicked in. Well timed for a perfectly horrid night of testing and rage bolusing.

- a night like the one above is one of the only times I will turn off my 4:50am alarm without an ounce of guilt. A missed workout is sometimes the best way to take care of myself. 

- it's so much easier to close a bank account than to open one. It took under five minutes to pay off a loan, cancel a credit card and close a bank account. It took three visits to another bank to set up an account, transfer my loan and open an RDSP. I am happy with the end result but intrigued by what was hard and what was easy about it. 

- good friends, dinner and a wicked movie make all the difference in the world and should happen more often

- it is indeed possible to create a zombie Dexcom sensor. Hopefully Zombie Dex is satisfied just being attached to me and doesn't try to eat my brains when I'm not looking.

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  1. White rice is a bit like sugar - try brown Basmati rice - much lower GI!