Monday, December 16, 2013


There are some things about running that non-runners seem to understand.

Like the fact that a Saturday morning long run allows us to eat pretty much what we want that day for lunch. Who wouldn't like that?

There are other things about running that non-runners think is ridiculous. Like chafing.

And like going for a long run after a big dump of snow - when the streets are still covered, the sidewalks unpassable and the wind whipping the white stuff around and around.

Thankfully, I'm a runner so I totally get the appeal of heading out into a winter wonderland. Which is exactly what we did on Saturday morning while the snow was still falling.

I was supposed to run 14k. Instead, I ran for time rather than distance and ended up doing 12.5k in the time it normally takes to run 14k. Part of the deal when you're running in the winter - pace is sacrificed for safe footing.

I ran by a lot of people out shovelling driveways and sidewalks. Some didn't see me as they were too busy heaving on their shovels. A few people glanced my way and went back to their work. Another few said a word that sounded suspiciously like "crazy".

I'm guessing those folks are not runners.

One person, all bundled up, said "it's actually nice once you get used to it eh?" I nodded in agreement.

Another man, shovelling out the end of his driveway, spotted me coming. He stopped, leaned on his shovel and watched me approach. He looked at me not with disdain or with envy. Just with interest.

"Braveheart" he said.

I grinned and said "it's beautiful out here isn't it?". He nodded and went back to his shovel.

I carried on and thought about my newest nickname.


I like it.

Our orange Christmas balls hanging from our Charlie Brown tree after the snowfall. If you look closely you'll spot my favourite photographer in the picture. 

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