Friday, April 29, 2011

One Step at a Time

Week one of my pre-marathon training training is almost at an end.

The goal: get used to running 5 days per week so marathon training is not such a shock.

Here's how it went.

Saturday was my regular long run and I did 10k.  Felt pretty good despite (or perhaps because of) having just come off a week's vacation.

Sunday we went cycling.  We survived the cold, rain and wind and I'm fairly sure my legs were thankful for the cross training but they couldn't actually tell me that because they had gone completely hyperthermic. 

Normally, I would run Tuesday and Thursday evening and then the cycle would resume on Saturday.  In an attempt  to get a head start on marathon training, I started increasing my mileage and the number of days I run.  

This week, I ran 5k on Monday, 8k on Tuesday and 5k on Wednesday.  Not much more mileage than I'm used to but more days on my feet than I've ever done before. 

Monday felt fabulous.  Tuesday felt pretty damn good too.  Wednesday my legs told me in no uncertain terms that they had enough.  I did a very very slow 5k with the goal to just keep moving and warm them up.  But my shins and feet were acting up and there was just no energy left in them. 

Thursday I did not run. I went to see my chiropractor who made my shins feels a whole lot better.  Today, Friday, I will not run but this afternoon is my regular massage which should limber things up a bit.

Oh, and I walked around in my Vibrams for about two hours every day.  They feel wonderful and I have to force myself to take them off.  I'm just super-paranoid about overdoing it.

All in all, not too bad for week one. 

The plan for next week is run Saturday (12k), cycle Sunday, run Tuesday (10k), Wednesday (5K) and Thursday (8K).  Despite how it may seem, I do not always have the luxury of having a chiropractor AND massage therapist work on me every week.  Most weeks, it's just me and my legs taking on the world.  So far, they're motivated to perform and not too overwhelmed by what I'm asking of them. 

So far...

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