Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Kitten and the Crow

I was reading Oh She Glows, one of my favourite food blogs this morning, and Angela had a video posted.  It was filmed a long time ago and Allan Thicke (the dad from Growing Pains) narrates.  The story is about a wee kitten who was rescued by a kindly crow and the friendship that developed between them.  If you have seven minutes, it's worth a watch.

The story has been rattling around in my head all morning.  Partly because the kitten is just so damn cute and the scenes of the two animals interracting are wonderful.  But mostly because it's such an unusual relationship.  Sworn enemies that, for whatever reason, don't see or don't care about their differences.  And they sure as hell don't care about what their friends might say as they stroll down the street together, tail in wing.

Perhaps they never learned that cats eat birds. 

Or that birds should be really really afraid of cats. 

I'm currently in the middle of a really good book called The Help.  It's set in Mississipi during the Martin Luther King era and it's about three ladies (two are black and work as maids and one is white and trying to make a difference).  The maids are responsible for, among other things, raising the children of their white employers.  When the children are young, they love their nannies and see no difference between them and anyone else in the house.  But, as their parents teach them the difference between black and white, the children develop prejudices and the cycle of racism continues.  One nanny tries to teach the children that everyone is the same on the inside but she knows her words and stories can't compete with the reality of the situation. It's awful because she knows that one day her beloved little darling is going to hate her.

Maybe someone forgot to tell the crow that it should have let the kitten die lest the kitten grow up and kill him one day. 

Maybe someone forgot to tell the kitten that crows are tasty snacks.

Maybe we could all learn a lesson from them.

Forget our differences. Let's share a worm and a plate of cat food and take a stroll down the street together.

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  1. Nice post! I agree, I love people, we are all so different, and the video was very cute!! PS: I have started running with my oldest daughter, you influence those you write to!