Monday, April 11, 2011

Insulin Pump Photoshoot

As promised, here is the visual play by play of me changing the infusion site for my insulin pump.

These are the supplies I need.  An infusion set, a vial of insulin and a reservoir.

Step one: prime the reservoir.  In other words, pump it a few times to ensure the inside is lubricated (sounds weird but that's what the nurse told me to do so I do it).

Step 2: fill reservoir with insulin.  My reservoir can hold up to 3.0ml of insulin - enough to keep me alive for 4-5 days.

One full reservoir - and with no air bubbles.  Fabulous!

This is the tube that connects me to the insulin pump.  One end attaches to the reservoir, the other to the infusion site.

This fancy thing is the infusion set. Brace yourselves - the next few photos involve needles and a wee droplet of blood.

In order to get the small tube into my body, I have to insert it with a needle.  Needle and tube go in, needle comes out leaving the tube inside.

In this photo, I've inserted the needle and am about to pull it out.

I'm removing the old infusion set.  See the tiny little tube?  That's all that was inside of me.  It's a soft plastic and, once in, I can't feel it at all.

That's the tiny tube.

Now that the infusion site is ready to go, I have to put the new reservoir into the insulin pump.

I then pump insulin through the tube and ensure that there are no air bubbles lurking anywhere.

The tube is full of insulin and I send a little bit out the end before I attach it - again, it's all about clearing out any air bubbles.

I plug myself in and am good to go for another few days.  I send a tiny amount of insulin in to fill the little bit of tube inside me and my pancreas is up and running.

One more needle shot because they're just so scary looking :)

Well folks, I hope that helps those of you who prefer visuals and I apologize if I freaked out anyone with needle issues.


  1. Scared of needles.April 12, 2011 at 9:04 AM

    I love needles.

  2. Wow, those are great photos! How did you do all that and take pictures at the same time??

  3. It helps when you live with a photographer :)