Thursday, February 3, 2011

Stubborn as a Rock

Sometimes I wonder how many of my little quirks are due to diabetes...and how many are just me.

I've been running for three years now.  Which means that running has always gone hand in hand with diabetes. I did not have the opportunity to do a controlled study: pre versus post diabetes running.  

I am prone to very tight calves, shin issues and plantar fasciitis.  My massage therapist and chiropractor take great care of me but things never really clear up - they just get better, then worse, then better again.  I thought that was just me until my massage therapist tossed out the possibility that it might be due to poor circulation.  Diabetes.

That put a whole new spin on things.

It also pissed me off.  If she's right - then it's not just about finding the right shoes or stretching more, it's diabetes.


I also get tired a lot.  It's always a struggle to get a restful sleep and a week of good sleeps can be undone by one bad night.

Is that just me?  Or some other weird side effect of diabetes?

My hair grows really fast, my nails grow really fast, I'm prone to dry skin and low iron. Is that just me?  Or the diabetes?

I like single malt whisky, neat.  I cry easily.  I get all indignant about things that aren't fair.  I make a mean chicken squash curry.  I love the colour blue. I have dissected sharks, chased whales and can say deoxyribonucleic acid without stumbling.  


Absolutely not.

I'm am who I am.  Made out of something stronger than rock and softer than sand.  Diabetes can challenge me and reshape me.  But good luck changing me.  I'm too damn stubborn for that.  

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  1. Diabetes gets blamed for far too much. Good post, and running if anything is great for the big D. PS: I can't pronounce that word :) I know lots of distance runners, that have feet, knee, sleep and iron issues. They usually take a break to rest up or cross train. I recently cracked a rib and have to take a good month off of Muay Thai training, crappy, but necessary. Hope you feel better.