Friday, February 11, 2011

The Hills are Alive...

My running friend Michelle is motivating, inspiring and, occasionally, downright annoying in her positivity.  And I love her for more reasons that she'll ever know.

One of those reasons is that she helped drag my ass over the Boxing Day 10 Miler finish line in record time.  Towards the end of that race, we realized we were going to have to push hard to make the crazy finish time I had foolishly suggested we aim for.  I was already exhausted and now she wanted me to run faster.  She yelled at me:  c'mon Céline, you can do ANYTHING for three minutes!

I laughed out loud, plucked up my courage and pushed to the finish.

Thanks Michelle, for that day and for that now famous line.

It got me through last night's hill workout.  800m x 10 repeats with 60 seconds off between each rep.  I've never done more than 6 repeats on that particular course.  Ten seemed more than a little daunting and the now familiar Canadian winter weather (-20 with a biting wind) was not going to help.

I started my first repeat with what felt like lead in my shoes.  I really wondered whether I'd be able to do six, let alone ten.  Michelle sailed past me going up the hill and, despite her silent exterior, I heard her voice ring out in my head.  "C'mon Céline, you can do ANYTHING for three minutes!"  I giggled and trotted up the hill.  One done!

I saw her on every hill and heard her voice on every hill.  I finished my ten repeats and felt strong enough to do a few more.  Not crazy enough to actually do them mind you but I swear I could have!

I don't think people realize what an impact they can have on others.  So it's important to tell them.

Thanks Michelle!


  1. Hey there! Sounds like your friend is the perfect W.O. partner, I need to find myself one, cause when ever I read your posts, I feel like I need to up my cardio, which by the way, is a good thing. Cheers!

  2. Too bad you're not closer to Niagara Trev - you and your track star daughter could join our running club!

  3. Thanks Celine! I find you just as inspiring!! And- BTW- we ROCKED those hills last night!!! And wasn't the run back to the store the harder than the runs??? Can't wait for next week!!!