Thursday, February 17, 2011

Just Call Me Alice

Today felt a little like falling through the rabbit hole.

All that was missing was the floating cat with the cheshire grin. 

It all started when I was asked to step in for someone at work and do someting I've never done before.  Nothing crazy, just not a typical part of my day. 

The first thing I had to do was drive a big, really really big, van across town.  Just to give you some perspective, I drive a little Nissan Versa and that feels pretty big to me. Holy bananas! I had to walk up two steps to get into this van.  I needed two hands to climb up so first I had to toss my purse in. The damn van was so tall I didn't even see where it landed.  Once I was in, I could look down at the roof of the mini van parked beside me. I could see over fences and into backyards. Driving through the streets, I pulled up to a red light and found myself beside a city bus.  I was sitting about a foot higher than the driver. 

That was about the point when I felt like I had eaten some of Alice's magical cakes and become this teeny tiny person in a very big world. Or at least a very big van.

So I drove this beast across town to an elementary school.  I walked into the school and immediately felt that I had gone from being a wee little creature to being the jolly green giant.  Water fountains came up to my waist, bathroom stalls were much smaller than they should have been and the bench I was told to sit on came halfway up my shins.  It was a five foot drop down to the bench and, once I got down there, I felt like my knees were up near my ears.  If you want to feel graceful and ballerina-like, do NOT go into an elementary school and hang out with grade 2 students.  Seriously.

Leave the school and hop back into the magic alien bus. By the time I got back to work I felt like my hands and feet were too big for my body.  I walked into my office, tossed my purse on the chair (and missed), banged my knee on my desk (which I never do) and sat down waiting for the Red Queen to show up with her minions. 

It's a wild and crazy world out there folks!


  1. I should take a pic of our van, I have five kids, and so decided it would be good to purchase a 15 passenger van. Ya, I did. You should have seen my teens face when I pulled up to her school to pick her, priceless. Gotta luv the mini toilets, and chairs. Cheers!

  2. Yayyyyy! You're a BIG girl now!
    Just think about it. A BIG van today. Perhaps, a fire truck tomorrow? Trust me, once you've driven one ... well ... frankly, NOTHING compares!

  3. Nah, no fire trucks for me. I'm thinking perhaps a plane...?