Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Zip and Mighty Mouse Spend the Weekend Together

Hi kids!

It's Zip. The Fitbit.

I have had the strangest weekend. It was super relaxing which I guess is good considering it was a long weekend. Apparently relaxing long weekends is what people do.

On Friday, we didn't do very much. No early-morning swims because there was an after-work golf game on Friday AND a long run on Saturday. Unfortunately, the weather took a turn and the golf game never happened. So Friday was a really quiet day. So quiet in fact that Céline didn't even upload my data at the end of the day.

She was probably too embarrassed by the less than 1000 steps she took. 

On Saturday, we got up early for our run. I've learned that it's taper time now so we only had to run 14k. Funny how just a few weeks ago the thought of running 14k would have caused my circuits to seize up and now I'm getting all snobby about it.

Like, omigod, we're only doing 14? What's the point? We might as well just stay in bed. Who only runs 14k? That's like for the last generation Fitbits. Losers. 

Anyway, so we ran 14k and it went well. She's like a freakin' metronome. Every time she uploads her Garmin data, her pace is always, and I mean always, 6:30min/k. Doesn't seem to matter whether we're running 7k or 22k.

I'm hoping to talk her into some speed work after the half marathon but I haven't pushed that yet. I've learned that she's not a big fan of being told what to do. She does, however, enjoy a challenge. 

Anyway, so we finished the run, she stretched, iced her shins, drank her chocolate milk and then showered. Nothing out of the ordinary so far.

After her showers she started doing strange things. She went down into the basement to get a red bag. With wheels. It was kinda cute actually and complimented my green colour quite nicely. She started putting clothes and shoes into it. She packed some of her earrings and necklaces and she grabbed her makeup and her hair dryer. She packed some Larabars and even grabbed some of her diabetes supplies. They all went into the red bag. Then she took me off, placed me on the desk, carried her red bag downstairs...and left. Doug, the nice guy that she lives with left too. He had a black bag.

They didn't come back FOR ALMOST 30 HOURS!!!!

They took Dexter with them. Lucky went too. I was all alone in a super quiet house and there was no one for me to talk to.

Oh, except for that little mouse. He came out after they left and started dancing around in the kitchen. Silly thing slipped and fell into their sink. The sides were so high and slippery that he was stuck in there until they got home again and rescued it. We chatted a bit while we were waiting.

He seemed really scared that he would get in trouble but I told him that Céline was really nice and would probably rescue him by putting him into a tupperware container and letting him outside. Turns out I was right on all counts except the Céline part. She was the one that spotted him but it was Doug who did the catch and release thing. It was her idea but she said that her hands were full and asked him to do it.

Personally I think she was freaked out about finding a mouse in her sink but didn't want to admit it. 

Anyway, so they came home finally. Wherever they were seemed to be fun and exhausting. They collapsed on the couch for the rest of the evening.

Monday morning, as it turns out, was a holiday. They slept in a bit and there didn't seem to be any exciting exercise on the horizon. Céline headed out to see her family after breakfast to play with her wickedly adorable nephew. Even me, a mere Fitbit, knows the cutest, smartest and strongest baby in the world when I see him. Then, just as I was settling in for a quiet day on her hip, she headed home, put on what I've learned is her golfing outfit, and we headed out again...

...for an 11k stroll around the golf course. We played 18k together. Man, she's really getting better. She was hitting some pretty great drives and even hit a few that were farther than the ones by those boys she plays with. They seemed impressed and I flashed a little grin their way.

After the game, we grabbed a quick dinner and headed home again for a bit of couch time before bed. Such a strange weekend. It was nice to have a bit of time off but I'll be glad to hit the pavement again on Tuesday morning.

We're supposed to run 7k. Maybe I'll try to sweet talk her into 8k. 

I also need to talk to her about writing a blog entry about Rose. She's the latest addition to our little family. She's super cute, a lovely shade of pink and is giving Dexter a bit of a complex. 

But more on that tomorrow...

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