Thursday, May 1, 2014

April Fitness Report

It's May 1st. Time to flip your calendars to the next page.

May, the month when the leaves will fill out on the trees, when the cherry and apple blossoms light up the orchards of Niagara and the month when the local swimming holes will hopefully begin to warm up enough so that we (perhaps!) might actually be able to swim in them again.

Before April fades too much from memory, I wanted to look back on the month that was and see how things went in the fitness department. 

April has 30 days. 

Between swims, runs, rides and walking the golf course, there were only three days out of 30 when I didn't log any form of exercise. In fact, for the first time ever, I had a few days when I logged more than one activity. That has to be a record. 

Here how things shook out. 


I ran 11 times in April. I logged 12.45 hours of running and covered 116 kilometres. 

I have been training for the Niagara Falls Women's Half marathon on June 1st and my long runs this month were 16, 18 and 20k. Other than a few sluggish early morning runs, things have been going really well. My body is holding itself together nicely and I'm getting through my long runs in pretty decent shape. If things continue as they're going, I'll be logging a few more long runs in May (22k, 20k and 15k) as well as my regular weekday morning runs that range between 7 and 9k in distance. 

To date this year, I have run 381km (all of them outdoors)


1 cycled 6 times. Twice outdoors and the other four times in my basement on the trainer. I spent just over 6 hours on the bike and covered (real or virtually) 133kilometres. 

The weather gets nicer in May so we should be cycling outside every weekend. May is also chock full of family events so we will end up missing several of those rides. I'll try to squeeze in some time on the trainer to keep my cycling legs in shape. 

To date this year, I have cycled 430km (most of that indoors)


I swam 9 times in April and spent 11 hours in the pool. In total, I covered 25,000 metres. 

Now that vacations and other things are over for a while, it has been nice to get back to a consistent swim routine. I go twice a week minimum and three times when I can. My body feels better for it and I think it's been helpful in my recovery from all the running I've been doing. 

To date this year, I have swum 72,000 metres (all of it indoors of course)


I golfed 3 times in April. Twice we walked 18 holes and once we walked 9. Thanks to Zip, my trustee fitbit, I was able to log my steps and my distance. I spent 10.5 hours walking during those three games and covered 26.7 kilometres. 

I fully expect that number to be much higher in May as we plan on trying to get out on the course 2-3 times every week. 

April has been a really good month. I exercised regularly and consistently. As a result, my body knows what to expect, my sleep patterns are a little more consistent and my blood sugars are a little more manageable. The next 7 weeks are pretty hectic with weddings and other family events. I fully intend to keep up the exercise in an effort to de-stress, stay fit and have the energy to get through it all. 

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  1. You are a machine! I'm kinda curious about my numbers now.