Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Sunday's Race

So I have a half marathon to run this weekend. On Sunday morning at 8am.

I've done all the training for it. In fact, I've actually done all the training for it. Not just most of the training for it.

I did all of the long runs - building up to 22k before tapering back down.

I did the Tuesday/Thursday morning runs, putting in 7-9k twice a week. I missed two of those I have to admit and blame that entirely on the rain.

It's been, surprisingly, the easiest half marathon training I have ever done.

Easy because all of the long runs went well. Easy because my blood sugars behaved. Easy because I wasn't battling injuries.

The thing about this training that I think made all the difference was that I didn't really have time for it. I didn't have time to train and I certainly don't have time this weekend to race. From start to finish, I have forced myself to make time for it.

I have to squeeze in 2+ hour runs on Saturday mornings on time to be showered, dressed and presentable by 11am for family brunches and wedding showers. I had to drag my running stuff to cottage weekends and fit in a quick long run before everyone else was up and ready to start the day. Gone were the lazy Saturday post-run afternoons of lounging on the couch or the back deck, re-hydrating and resting my legs. Instead I was forcing my tired feet into dressy sandals or standing on them for 8 hours while helping prepare food for wedding showers.

It's been a wild few months. As much as I would have loved to have a few extra hours on Saturday mornings, I don't begrudge the training for a second. It kept me sane, gave me quiet time to gather my thoughts and work out life's little details. Most of all, it kept me fit and healthy.

This Sunday I will be running a half marathon. It seems surreal because I haven't had much time to think about it. Which means I haven't have too much time to fret about it or worry about the logistics. Instead, I'm just going to fit it into the already busy weekend and treat it like a regular long run...with a medal at the end.

Best news of all? I have absolutely nothing planned on Sunday afternoon.


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