Friday, May 23, 2014

Working out my Stubborn Muscles

I stopped at Sobey's after work yesterday to pick up a few groceries. Sobey's is not my usual grocery store location but it was right beside where my last appointment of the day ended so I figured a bird in the hand...

I need 3 things so I grabbed one of those hand baskets instead of a cart.

I went to the produce section and grabbed the cucumber, the red pepper and the fennel I wanted. I spotted some lovely looking avocados that would be ready to eat by Saturday so I grabbed two of those. The bananas I saw next were that perfect shade of yellow/green so I grabbed a bunch.

Then I saw lemons and limes so I tossed two of each in the basket because I go through those like they're going out of style and I had decided to make one of my famous veggie/grain/legume salad for my dinner. The dressing is needs fresh lemon juice AND zest.

Onions! We finished the last one the night before with our steak so I tossed a fresh bag in.

Then Doug texted in response to my earlier message to ask for bagels. No problem!

And since I was in a different grocery store than I was used to, I decided that I might as well wander the aisles to see what else they had.

A piece of salmon to complement my salad ended up in the basket. So did a box of my favourite cereal. And a bag of Skittles for my sister. And some of the cheese we like and couldn't find last week at our regular store. Oh, and some broth because we were running low and I wanted to simmer my grain/legume mix in it.

You can imagine how, at this point, my shoulder felt like it was being wrenched out of its socket as I lugged the overflowing basket of groceries up one aisle and down the other.

When I finally made it to the check out line, the lady in front of me in line, who had much less than I did, actually offered to let me go first. I politely declined and joked about it being my upper body workout.

And then I laughed. There was a day when I was not as strong as I am now. And I would have grabbed a cart so I didn't have to carry a basket full of food. Now I actually have some upper body strength so I grab a basket and then stubbornly lug it around even though it's way too heavy and there are carts within easy reach.


Guess I don't need to work out my stubborn side. Those muscles are in fabulous shape.

Just ask Doug.

He'll tell you all about it.

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