Friday, May 9, 2014

Me. All Seven of Them.

Yesterday morning I didn't want to get up to run.

I mean I really didn't want to.

I hit snooze...three times.

I was tired. I was warm and cozy. I could easily and happily slept for another 90 minutes. I almost did actually...

...until that little voice in my head started chirping.

"Saturday's run will be easier if you run today".

"You'll feel better at work if you run".

So I got up, groggily pulled on my clothes and stumbled out the door.

And I ran 7k. And I felt a little better with every step. And my mind, as usual, started wandering.

I thought to myself "I hope she's happy!"

And then I thought, who is 'she'?

She, as it turns out, is me. Except it's not the Thursday me who was running as the sun woke up. It's the Saturday me. The one who will be grateful that Thursday me got up and went for a run even though she didn't want to.

Of course that got me thinking about how many decision we make that won't affect us today but they will affect us tomorrow. Or the day after. Or the day after that.

So many times I make decisions to exercise because of what happened the day before or what is happening the day after.

Last weekend the Sunday me got up and went for a bike ride in gale force winds because Saturday me had gone for a 22k run and needed her legs flushed out a bit.

And Monday me took the morning off because Saturday me had run 22k and Sunday me had cycled in a hurricane and they were tired.

But Tuesday me got up to run because she knew Wednesday me would have a hard time convincing herself to get up and go to the pool if she didn't. And then Thursday me got up to run so that Saturday me would have an easier time of it. And finally, Friday me is grateful because Thursday me got up to run and, while running, came up with this idea for Friday me's blog.

What a great team we make eh?

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