Friday, May 30, 2014

May Fitness Report

So, um, it's the end of May and I should probably confess talk about how things went this month in the exercise department.

It all comes down to perspective really. 

Ask me how my running went? Go on. Ask me! 

Well, I ran 12 times. I put in a total of 12 hours and 45 minutes and I ran a total distance of 116km. 

Not to shabby if you ask me. 

Cycling, well, that wasn't quite as impressive. My weekends have been pretty packed and I've had to miss two out of four Sunday rides. So I cycled twice, for a total of 3.25 hours and a distance of 68km. Not great really. Ideally I should have done twice that much. Especially considering I don't tend to ride on the trainer once it gets nice out. 

Swimming, well, that was downright awful. I swam twice. Period. In 31 days. A total of 6450m. That's it. 

Why? Well I have lots of excuses that are all, in and of themselves, reasonable but when they are all squeezed into one month, they begin to sound rather pitiful. I'm tired (wah!), I have early morning meetings (double wah!), I have to run 22k the next day so I should sleep in (suck it up). 

The sad news about swimming is that a) our pool will be closed for several weeks in June for maintenance and b) the local open water options have not even warmed up to 60C yet. So they are not even options. Which means that June isn't shaping up so nicely in the swimming department. 

On the other hand, I did manage to play 7 golf games (63 holes in total) which means I walked for 16 hours and logged 40km doing it.

Out of 31 days, I managed to do something on 21 of them. In fact, some days I did two different things. Not my best month but not my worst either. Definitely heavy in the running department which I'm happy about and I got to spend a ton of time outside on the golf course which also makes me smile. 

I do need to focus more on the swimming and cycling which should be easier now that the half marathon training is done. Just in time for tri season! 

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  1. Cycling, running, and swimming? Could your lifestyle get more active than that? Haha! I actually find it great and inspiring, since you’re doing this not just for the thrill of it, but for healthy purposes as well. I know it takes a lot of discipline and determination to keep this up. Too bad the swimming department wasn’t much an option back then. I hope that’s no longer the case now. Have a great day!

    Joanne Henry @ Tranquility Pools, NJ