Monday, November 18, 2013

The Choices We Make

Some weeks it's pretty easy to fit in all the workouts I want to fit in. I get my three swims done sans problème. I get my three runs in without missing a beat a step.

Other weeks, like last week, things seems to conspire against me.

Last week I had a workshop on Wednesday morning that prevented me from getting my swim in.

I also had an early appointment on Friday morning that prevented me from getting my swim in.

I could have gone to the pool on Thursday morning instead. There are masters classes every morning so it's not a problem.

I could have skipped my Thursday run in exchange for a Thursday swim.

But I like my Thursday runs. A lot.

I like them as much as I like my Wednesday and Friday swims.

So I missed two swims out of three but got all three of my runs in.

I can also tell you that if I had had Tuesday and Thursday meetings last week, I would have missed two runs but got all my swims in.

You could argue that I'm a little too entrenched in my habits.

You could also argue that I should have done two runs and two swims rather than three and one.

You could be right.

I would argue that I did what my body felt like doing. I've had a bit of down time lately in my running routine as I recovered from my half marathon. I am enjoying getting back out there and loving my crisp, early morning, quiet time.

I would also argue that I don't have any scheduled 'easy weeks' at the pool. Every workout is different but they're all pretty tough. So the only down time I get is down time that I create. I figured two days off would make it an easy swim week.

There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to workouts. At least not at my elite level. My body benefits from a variety of workouts, some hard weeks and some easy ones. I made my choices.

The runners among you might agree with them.

The swimmers might argue that too many days out of the pool is never a good idea.

The cyclists might wonder where my cycling workouts were (fair enough).

Luckily the week ahead looks clear in the early mornings so I'll get all three swims and all three runs in. And I'm working on convincing myself that I really do want to head down to the spider-filled basement for my cold-weather 'Bending Crank Arm" workouts.

I'm just really enjoying my lazy Sunday morning routine right now...

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