Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Goal Planning

My favourite multi-sport series just announced the dates for the 2014 triathlon season.

I have already been asked several times if I'm doing the Niagara Falls Women's half marathon in June 2014.

There are a few half-marathons early in 2014 that, if I sign up for, would keep me running when the weather gets nasty.

Around the Bay 30k is at the end of March and I need to decide if I'm willing to risk my stress fractures and my ear plugging to tackle the distance.

I want to focus on becoming a stronger and faster runner in 2014 which means I need to change how I train in order to see if I can get my half marathon time a little closer to 2:10 rather than 2:20.

I want to focus on becoming a stronger cyclist since that's my weakest of the three triathlon sports and yet it's the sport that takes the most time during a triathlon. So I need to get more focused on the bike and need to get more cycling in to my training schedule.

I want to do some open-water swim races, at least one 3k and perhaps (perhaps!) a 5k.

I want to do some sprint triathlons as well as a few Olympic distance triathlons in 2014 because I loved that distance last year and want to do more of it.

I seem to have a lot of goals for 2014.

I'm guessing the first goal I need to actually accomplish is to figure out what my goals are going to be eh?

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  1. I'm goal planning now, too! It's always an exciting and crazy-making time of the year.

    When you're thinking about what to do, don't forget the Buzzard's Bay Swim on Saturday, June 28, 2014. Come visit and swim!