Friday, November 1, 2013

November 1st - For Better and For Worse

November 1st. It's always an important day in my world.

It's the day when all the Hallowe'en candy is marked down and I join the other sale-happy shoppers at 7:30am at Wal-Mart. I stock up on perfectly sized bags of emergency carbs that come in the form of sour patch kids and sour cherries.

It's also, ironically, my diabetes anniversary. (And no, I didn't get diabetes from eating too much candy thank you very much) Today marks my 11th year living with the big D and, as always, I'm surprised at how much time has passed, slightly annoyed when I think of all the time, energy and money that this crazy disease takes up, and eternally grateful for all the things that it has helped me to do. All the people I have met. All the changes I have made in my life. All the adventures.

Today is a bittersweet kinda day where I let myself feel sad for just a little bit and then do my best to celebrate the fact that I'm still here, still strong, still healthy, and still fighting the good fight.

November 1st, 2013 is an even bigger day than usual. Two more things are happening today to help make my day all that much brighter.

First of all - guess what starts tonight?

That's right folks. Another curling season is about to begin. 

Even more exciting that dusting off my broom and curling shoes is that today is the day that an article I wrote is being released - internationally. You may remember a few months back that Dave Hingsburger over at Rolling Around in my Head asked me to write an article about how to support someone with a developmental disability who has diabetes. Well, today is the day that the article arrives in inboxes around the world. It's exciting to think that perhaps, because of what I've written, someone takes the time to ask the right questions and say the right things. It's exciting to think that a few more people will offer support instead of judgement. That they will take the time to check out the DOC and help people connect with others who truly get it. It's exciting to think I might make a difference. 

I can't put the article up on my blog yet but will be able to in a few weeks. Thank you to everyone who sent me suggestions of things to include. 

So yes, today is a big day in my world. And yet, as is often the case, I celebrate it in a small way. With at early morning swim because I can. With friends at the curling rink. Laughing over snacks and drinks. Curled up in bed with the man I love. Grateful, as always, to have been given another year. 

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  1. We are getting lots of positive feedback on the article ... the tone, the content and the kindness ... well done!